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Design Coaching

Starting a business is tough work. It can be as freeing as you’ve always dreamed or it can also be your worst nightmare. It can be stressful + overwhelming when you know what to do and so much worse when you don’t.

But we’re not having any of that. That’s why I’m here to help.

How Design Coaching can help

Design Coaching is simple. I work with you to establish your goals, get an action plan to design your brand and help you stay on track while you implement it. Click here for a special gift for you.

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Website Audit

A Website Audit is perfect for you if you’re looking for professional eyes on your website so you can get feedback and actionable steps for improvement.

The Website Audit is a recorded video in which I review your site and give you my impressions and suggestions. Having the video means you can keep referring back to it as you work on your website.

How it Works:

  • Enter the URL for the website you’d like audited
  • Enter the email address where you want your audit delivered
  • In the notes section, mention any specific areas you might have questions about & I’ll keep those in mind when I’m reviewing your site

Once your information comes in, I will review your site within 1-2 business days and I will send your audit shortly after. The whole process will happen within a week.


Strategy Call

This is perfect for you if you’re looking for some guidance on your branding. You’re a soldier and once a plan is implemented, you’ve got no problem carrying it out.

That’s exactly what we’ll do in our 1 hour call. We’ll talk about your business/website and the things you need to do to get it to the next level. When we’re done chatting, I’ll create an action plan for you to follow based on our conversation. I’ll email it over and you can get to work!


One Month Intensive

Ok, so you need help. We’re talking SERIOUS help.

You don’t know where to get started. You’re overwhelmed and you’re just tired of not moving forward.

I totally get you and I’ve been there. I’ll hold your hand and stay with you throughout the entire month while you implement our plans. Same as in a strategy call, we’ll figure out what your business needs to move it forward in our first 1 hour session. I’ll get you an action plan on paper that you can use to check off the steps along the way.

I’ll check in with you during the week via email and we’ll have another 3 30 minute calls for each of the remaining weeks. You’ll share your struggles and we’ll tweak your plan as you’re implementing and figuring out what you still need help with.

This can be the absolute brand-changing intensive you need or you can book me for another month of help. I’m here to go at your pace.

I just wanted to reach out and tell you that your emails have been so helpful during my branding process for my new site!

Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Judy Nicholson

My Gift to YOU

First and foremost, let me start off by giving you something very valuable. It’s a Branding Roadmap. This pretty, little map has the very basic steps you need to take to get yourself on the road to a cohesive + professional brand.

Each stop along the way has a workbook you can download to help you along. You can go on this journey alone or you can choose to cut down on the time it might take you by yourself and let me guide you.

Upon check out, you will receive a branding questionnaire to fill out and send back to me. Once you have completed your questionnaire and sent it back, you will also receive an email with instructions to schedule our first session at your convenience.

If you find yourself unsure about which coaching plan you’d like to work with, purchase the Strategy Call. We can talk about your business and what you need and if, after our call, you decide it would be beneficial to purchase the Intensive, I will discount the purchase of the Strategy Call. No worries!

Because of the nature of this service, refunds are not available.