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Hi there, I’m Kimberly, and I’m your Brand Story Artist.
(AKA Your business’s new best friend.)

I’m not your typical graphic designer—which is GREAT, because I don’t even believe you’re here looking for that, anyway.

You’re here because you’re done with cookie-cutter and you’re ready to expand your business beyond the land of boot-strapping and questionably boring DIY templates.

Yeah, that’s worked so far, but now you’re ready for that seemingly-mythical next level, and you suspect having a fantastic Brand just might be the thing to get you there.

You’re ready to graduate your brand from “just starting out” to “streamlined and successful” and you want the look and feel that only custom design can get you.

Let’s take your Brand to that next level.


Because BRAND envy is a real thing.

Admit it—you’ve scrolled through your competitors’ sites and there are a few of them that are just drop dead gorgeous. In fact, I bet you could name three you secretly admire right off the top of your head! But your brand is still on the not-so-cute side, and that doesn’t feel good. (It’s ok—we’ve all had that bad feeling before—and I’m the one who can take that stress away.)

Because YOU want to look like a Million Bucks!

When someone asks for your web address, you squirm a little inside, and tell them it’s a work in progress while you write it down for them. UGH. And when you think about pulling together all the graphics and collateral you need for your next product launch or big event, you wish someone would just handle it FOR you so you’ll know that the design side of things looks polished. Designing websites and workbooks and business cards ISN’T your zone of genius, so it gets in the way every time you want to create something new. *sigh*

Because YOU + YOUR BUSINESS are ready
for more—and you’re worth it!

You want those ideal clients and lucrative launches everyone else talks about, and you know you can’t get there from here if you’re too busy feeling embarrassed about a five dollar logo or a site full of busted links. It’s YOUR TURN now and you’re tired of blending into the background. You’re ready to stand out online.

YES—It’s your turn now and you’re ready to stand out and show up.
Which is PERFECT—because helping you get to the next part of your story is my specialty.

I’ve been creating beautiful websites + memorable experiences for 15 years.

I wasn’t always the Brand Story Artist, though.
I’ve been a fine artist my whole life. I graduated from The School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Animation. After that, I worked for the big New York City networks like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and PBS Kids—sometimes on shows my kids enjoy today.

But I’m a life-long learner, as I’m sure you are. While working in animation was incredibly rewarding, I knew I wanted to work for myself one day, so I taught myself graphic and web design. That skill set came in handy one day when I decided animation wasn’t what it once was. I came into this career wanting to bring beautiful stories to life, and times had changed (remind me to tell you about the time I was asked to animate a talking butt).

It was time for me to bet on myself.

I didn’t wind up drawing cartoon epics, but I sure could turn a graphic design project from Ugly Stepsister to total Cinderella story. So I made the big leap.

Soon after deciding to start my business, my first son was born. Talk about incentive—I really felt the pressure to make this new business a success. I took class after class, course after course. You name it, I tried it. I learned how to improve my Instagram account, how to optimize Pinterest for business, and how to use Facebook for advertising.

While I was on that steep learning curve, I joined many groups with other entrepreneurs, all trying to make their businesses succeed.

It was in these groups that I found a common thread:

Lots of people were turning to Acme Economy Design for the promise of a five dollar website, and those people? They were nickel-and-dimed by their clients, they spent more time complaining on Facebook than they did on their work. Worst of all—they usually didn’t stick around very long. (Or if they did, I didn’t remember them because, ahem, you get what you pay for.)

The driven entrepreneurs—the ones who were building businesses that LAST—want more direction and control over the design of their brand.
As soon as I realized that, everything changed for the better.

Now I am in complete control of the story I tell my audience. You should be too. I can get you there.

You’re beyond the starter business stage, and you’re getting into your groove. You want all the visual elements of a memorable brand, but you know you’re done with the DIY days.

You’re ready to share your Brand Story.

Kim Costa designed my website and I can't say enough about her artistic talent, strategic prowess, hard work and huge heart. Kim understood my vision and took it to the next level. I'm excited to work with her for a long time.

I take recommendations very seriously and I give Kim my highest recommendation. Since she completed my site, I've recommended her twice. Both parties now have beautiful sites and are extremely happy.

Rachel Hanfling
Emmy-nominated producer for Oprah & Anderson Cooper