Get a workbook that’s as BRILLIANT as your course. 

With more and more courses coming to the market, it's more important than ever to make yours stand out and adding a workbook is quickly becoming a must-have.



You've been working on your course for months and it's ALMOST ready to go out into the world!

All you need now is an AMAZING workbook that’s as BRILLIANT as the content in your course. A course workbook that's not only beautiful, but will engage your students and convey the immense value your course will provide them.

BUT, you've found yourself in one or more of these situations:

  • I run out of time to design things myself
  • It takes me FOREVER to design
  • Designing does not come naturally to me
  • Even if I could do it myself, time is tight with client work and launching my course
  • There's so much to worry about with a launch, I'd love to just outsource this


It's time to get some support!

Well my friend, you're in luck because I absolutely LOVE creating workbooks, welcome packets, opt-ins and everything in between!  

So if you'd like to attract more subscribers read on to get an idea of what I can do for you, what the process is like and how you can get your beautiful workbook right now! 

Let's DAYDREAM a little

What would it be like if...  

  • You could separate your course from the thousands of courses out there by offering even more value! 
  • You could offer your students a valuable asset in the form of a course workbook
  • Your course workbook added enough value to allow you to charge more for your course
  • You could just hand off your content and get this awesome workbook back in a matter of days

Luckily, you don't have to day dream anymore, this is all possible!


Did you know?

  • Having a workbook elevates the perceived value of your course
  • Many people say they'd pay more for a course if it came with a workbook
  • Having a workbook adds more value to your course + helps your students stay engaged
  • With more and more courses in the market, finding a way to make yours stand out is just smart




We're taking the overwhelm and stress out of this process. This will be incredibly simple, let me walk you through it.


Features & Designs 

Have you ever met someone that stresses over every little detail? Yeah… that’s me!  

But the good thing is, when it comes to your launch, you don’t have to stress about the details. I stress about the details, so you don’t have to!


Professionally designed with custom art + hand lettering for a look that's unique to you.


Design will be custom & include elements that are exclusive to your business to keep you on brand


Your workbook or opt-in comes with a mock up image so that promoting it is a piece of cake!

This is for you if... 

I labor over these workbooks and opt-ins. I love working with people who value this type of work. It isn't for everyone, but it might be for you if:

  • You're an entrepreneur looking for a beautiful opt-in to grow your list
  • You're a course creator looking to add more value to your course
  • You care about your brand and want to create a consistent brand image
  • You want to feel proud of the offers you're putting together for your audience
  • You don't have the time to design your opt-in or workbook yourself
  • Design doesn't come naturally to you but you still recognize its importance


How to Purchase 

After doing some research, I found that these are the sweet spots for workbook & opt-in content and have priced each accordingly. If your content is already written, a good rule of thumb is to double the number of pages to determine what you need to purchase as design will usually double the number of pages you will end up with.






The process is very organic and I will hold your hand throughout it. There are variables that can affect timing like how many rounds of changes we go through (limited to 3) and how long it takes you to get back to me, BUT typically, the process takes about 3 days!

*If your workbook has or will have more than 10 pages,
please contact me for a custom quote.


Want to chat a little more? 

You might have a series of courses you want workbooks for or you might have a series of worksheets you want designed. Everyone's project is different. Just click the link below and schedule a free 15 minute call where we can chat about your project to see how I can help.

Love from Clients


I was so impressed by Kimberly's work

"Kimberly designed some workbooks for a passive course that I created. Not only was Kimberly ridiculously easy to work with, she communicated very clearly to me a due date, payment schedule, and expectations. I never felt unsure of what she would create or that she wouldn't honor my brand. The workbooks that she designed for me are beautiful, simple, and really easy to use, plus the colors and font combinations are certainly something I would never have thought of on my own!

I was so impressed by Kimberly's work that I asked her to come on-board for a group coaching program that I'm running for my clients. She will be designing my clients' opt-ins as a part of the program and I couldn't be more excited to continue working with her. Not only has she elevated my brand, I know she will elevate the brands of my clients too! " 

Allison Hardy, Business Strategist for Mompreneurs


Her work helped our brand

"Kimberly's work was really beautiful and her turnaround time was super quick. We really enjoyed working with her and her work helped our brand communicate clearly and effectively!" 

Kate Northrup


Kimberly was a pleasure to work with!

"She respected my opinion and truly was amazing in knowing exactly what I wanted with my style and what I was looking for! I am SO in love with my brand new logo and looking forward to working with you to finish my branding! Her whole process from start to finish was efficient, she responded right away, and was able to get it completed by my requested deadline. I highly recommend working with Kimberly! She's extremely talented. Signed, a very happy customer :)" 

Amanda Houle, Child Behaviorist


A beautiful work of art.

"Kimberly Costa has the uncanny ability to turn your words into a beautiful work of art. Her visions provide a living, breathing canvas of which I can be proud." 

Stephanie Arnold, Best-Selling Author

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you write the content for me?

As much as I'd love to, no. You know your industry best and I don't have the insight you do. I will however, read your entire opt-in/workbook and I will proof it for grammar, spelling and typos. Together with your content and my design, we're going to create an amazing product for your audience!

How long does the process take?

From the moment I get your content, it takes about 1-2 days for me to turn around your first draft. From there, you will look over the workbook/opt-in and let me know if you have any changes. If you do, it will be one more day and then you'll receive your final files, including the PNG for promotion. So the whole process takes about 3 days.

How many rounds of changes are included?

Every opt-in/workbook comes with 3 revision rounds so there are plenty of opportunities for corrections or changes. After 3 rounds, I charge hourly for any further changes, but I've NEVER gone past 1 round of changes with any of my clients.

Are these fillable PDFs?

Yes! These are all interactive PDFs so your students or audience can fill their answers right on their computer.

Can these be printed?

Certainly! Your PDF will be a high quality file that will work to fill out online or as a print out. Your students get to choose how they use their workbook.

I need a lot of workbooks created, can you do that?

Certainly! If you have a series of courses that you need workbooks for, just schedule a call to discuss your project and I can provide you with a custom quote.

Will I be able to edit the file myself?

No. This is a done-for-you solution, but if you want me to create a workbook template that you can continue to use yourself, then schedule a call and we can discuss your vision and I can provide you a custom quote.

I need this type of work on an on-going basis, can I have you on retainer?

Of course! Just schedule a call so we can discuss how much work you're looking for and how we can work together.